MQTT/SparkPlug B Datasheet

The Machfu Industrial IoT (IIoT) Gateway and MQTT/SparkPlug B

Deploy Machfu IIoT Gateway for reliable and bandwidth efficient data communications using MQTT/SparkPlug B

  • Unified hardware and software solution, up to 50% lower cost
  • Low power consumption, ideally suited for power constrained environments
  • Save bandwidth consumption by 95%

    Key Features

    • Support for MQTT/SparkPlug B specification
    • Easy to configure, deploy and manage
    • Up to 95% bandwidth savings, lower recurring costs
    • Interface with any Modbus device
    • Transmit data to any MQTT broker
    • Redundant MQTT broker capability
    • Store and forward
    • Conditional reporting for greater control on publishing data
    • Data backfill for reliability
    • Report by exception

Machfu edge gateway publishes field device data to an MQTT broker. At the core of our gateway runs the
robust MACHREACTORTM engine that maps Modbus-based RTUs or PLCs and uses the highly efficient MQTT
protocol to transmit data to our customers backend platforms.

MACHREACTOR now supports additional efficiency features of MQTT/SparkPlug B specification. Machfu has implemented these capabilities to reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 95% in comparison to traditional poll-response applications, saving recurring costs for our customers. Conditional reporting support allows you to control how often new data is transmitted to your application. Reporting by exception gives you control over alarm settings to ensure your operations teams never miss an alarm. The gateway provides aliasing to further gain efficiencies in transmission of data by enabling context-based compression.PDU compression technology enables inline compression of Sparkplug PDU where appropriate.

Data reliability is an inherent component of MACHREACTOR. In the event of network failure, we store data
locally when connection is interrupted and forward it upon connection re-establishment. Built-in broker
redundancy feature allows communication with an alternative MQTT broker in case the primary MQTT broker
goes down. It also allows backfilling of data to your historian or HMI system for reliability. MACHREACTOR is
capable of participating as a proxy for relaying status (DBIRTH, DDEATH, DCMD, DDATA) on behalf of
attached devices.

Machfu MQTT-enabled gateway comes with unlimited tags and integrates easily with other IIoT platforms
such as Ignition.

Realize Bandwidth efficiencies

  • Conditional Reporting – Configure how often new values are published on per register basis
  • Reporting by exception – Never miss an alarm condition again
  • Aliasing Maintain rich metric naming while keeping bandwidth usage to a minimum 
  • PDU compression – Compress payloads to get more bandwidth savings

Take comfort in reliable data delivery

  • Store and forward – data delivery even after network failure 
  • Redundant MQTT brokers – send data via secondary MQTT broker upon loss of connectivity to primary MQTT broker
  • Data backfill –  reliably restore data after network or power outage
  • Device status proxy – communicate real-time field device status to HMI or Scada
  • SCADA State Monitoring – send data only when your SCADA application is connected to the MQTT broker and ready to receive it


We offer end-to-end collection, monitoring and control service that lets you visualize data, statistics, performance and set thresholds. In addition, the data can be easily consumed by other operational dashboards and HMI software. Furthermore, the service includes device management at scale, for updates, upgrades and security patches. Machfu can help your customized application development needs. We also provide consulting services for your project-specific developments. You will be able to leverage 150+ years of engineering expertise for the development of your customized application solutions. Please call or email us: 301-540-5372 ext 1100.