MachIO Industrial Wireless Sensor spec sheet

MachIO – Ruggedized Edge Device for Sensors

MachIO extends the capabilities of the Machfu ecosystem to interface with sensors in remote or harsh environments. MachIOs collect, communicate, compute and transport data from a variety of analog and digital sensors from remote sites to backend monitoring systems in the cloud or to existing SCADA systems. Machfu solutions are fully integrated with Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud services. Combined with Machfu Gateway, MachIO as a Service delivers an end-to-end solution to address multiple use cases at the edge in verticals such as oil & gas, manufacturing, and energy and utilities.

Enabling a graceful transition to IIoT.


  • Rugged: Operates in tough environments
  • Scalable: Easy to manage
  • Versatile: Interfaces with a wide variety of sensors, including pressure, tank level, vibration and temperature
  • Flexible: Choose wired or wireless connectivity to field sensors
  • Reliable: Battery life is rated over 5 years
  • Cloud Connectivity: Data collected from sensors is transported wirelessly over Bluetooth, cellular or LoRa networks to the cloud
  • Upgrade Remotely: Capable of remote upgrades to enable enhanced or new functionality
  • Seamless: Integrates with remote cloud-based device management and analytics platforms

Key Features

  • C1D2 rated for operating in hazardous environments
  • Aggregates data generated from several endpoint devices and sensors
  • Supports bidirectional communications
  • Local provisioning through mobile app
  • Interface any sensor using Analog, Pulse Count, or Contact Closure inputs

We offer end-to-end collection, monitoring and control service that lets you visualize data, statistics, performance and set thresholds. In addition, the data can be easily consumed by other operational dashboards and HMI software. Furthermore, the service includes device management at scale, for updates, upgrades and security patches. For further information, please call or email us: 301-540-5372.