Machfu White Papers

Download Securely Augmenting Private Wireless Systems with Cellular Connectivity

Joint deployment of private and cellular radios on grid assets can augment traditional use cases providing additional bandwidth for deployed systems, increasing their efficiency and productivity and reduce operational costs. Read Machfu’s white paper to find out how.

Download Capturing Value from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

While the momentum for the cloud is high, there are many fundamental reasons why industrial internet-of-things functionality should be pushed to the edge. Read Machfu’s white paper to find out why.

Machfu Case Studies

Download Internet-of-Things for Agriculture and Smart Water Markets

IIoT systems can help counteract numerous risk factors facing large agricultural farming by introducing a reliable, low-cost solution to drive more efficient use of water. Read Machfu’s case study to find out how.

Machfu Solutions

Download Protocol Translation: A Machfu Solution for Legacy Assets

Gateway platforms give legacy devices a way to translate their industrial protocols to modern cloud-based applications without disrupting existing operations. Read Machfu’s protocol translation solution to find out how.

Download Securing the Industrial Internet of Things: A Machfu Security Solution

Baked-in mechanisms can help secure industrial assets and protect industrial infrastructure from the growing risks of cyberattacks. Read Machfu’s security solution to find out how.