Machfu Industrial IoT Gateway: Integrated with Petrasoft Field Assist Cloud

Rod pump monitoring and well pad automation for the digital oilfield

Platform Key Features

  • Optimizes production
  • Reduces labor
  • Automates reporting
  • Generates prescriptive action
  • Automates record keeping

Built on a partnership between Petrasoft and Machfu, the Field Assist Cloud is a proven core platform currently being used at more than 30,000 well sites. Initially created to automate rod pump oil wells, its latest functionality has expanded to include gas wells. An embedded Machfu Gateway connected to a rod pump controller at a well site collects data from every stroke to drive well optimization. The platform allows users to run analytics to find exceptions and opportunities using standard or custom criteria.

  • Runtime 
  • Fluid over pump
  • Hole in tubing detection
  • Inferred production
  • Pumpoff cycles
  • Pumpoff setpoint
  • Worn pump detection

Petrasoft Field Assist Suite technical specs

Machfu’s Industrial IoT Gateway installation instructions

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Machfu-Petrosoft datasheet

Petrasoft Field Assist Suite technical specs