Oil & Gas Industry Automation

You want to extract maximum value from your oil & gas assets. We make the smart oil field. 

In many oil and gas pads, where profits are at stake, there is only some level of wellhead automation for monitoring and control. IBM estimates that a single well generates enough data to fill 200 DVDs daily, but translating that data into meaningful, decision-driving knowledge is new. Machfu brings the technology that delivers your operations and data-driven decision needs without exorbitant costs, even for the smaller products. 

Oil & Gas IIoT

Your manual operations for monitoring remote terminal units (RTUs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can be automated providing access to real-time, high-frequency data from the increasing number of end devices operating on the pad. We solve the problem of interfacing your RTU and PLC technologies while you access data remotely. 

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