Machfu Launches Industrial IoT Service to Enable Low-Cost Industrial Digitization

Machfu Industrial IoT

Machfu Industrial IoT Service lowers the barriers for industrial enterprises to adopt IIoT innovations

ROCKVILLE, MD (August 17, 2020) – Machfu, a leader in industrial internet of things solutions, has launched its signature Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Service to help industrial enterprises analyze data collected remotely at the edge. At the core of Machfu’s Industrial IoT Service is a unique low-power industrial IoT gateway device that securely interfaces with many industrial controllers and sensors, as well as Machfu’s sensor data collection module, MachIO, to enable edge-to-cloud automation that results in cost savings and productivity gains.

“Getting a rich data set from edge devices is one of the holy grails of industrial transformation and historically has been a hard problem to solve,” said Tim Winter, CTO of Machfu. “This is our area of specialization. For example, deploying our turnkey IIoT Service allows oil and gas companies to take charge of upstream and midstream operations and boost automation by offloading processing requirements and applying edge computing.” He continued, “It also lets utilities gain further efficiencies from line sensors in distribution automation, manage distributed energy resources, and field-level automation towards a secure, reliable, resilient, and digital grid.”

Machfu’s turnkey IIoT solution allows customers to focus on their domain expertise by digitizing their industrial installations. The fully managed service brings data from sensors and controllers automatically into dashboards for anywhere, anytime viewing and analysis on customers’ laptops or phones, provides alerts for data outages, and helps diagnose problems in the field, remotely. Machfu Industrial IoT Service allows customers to configure their controllers and devices remotely over a web interface and provides a smartphone app to configure sensors in the field. Customers are assured automatic over-the-air updates for access to the latest application updates and security patches for their devices. 

“Different types of sensors are utilized in the field to measure values such as Pressure, Temperature, Tank Level, and Flow. The versatile MachIO device extends the Machfu ecosystem by integrating, collecting, and aggregating data from sensors,” said Chinmay Shete, Director of Engineering, Machfu. “By readily interfacing with Machfu IIoT Gateway, the system provides a holistic view of field operations to assist with swift detection of anomalies and facilitate rapid remediation in the field.” He continued, “Users can quickly install and provision the MachIO device and sensors through a simple mobile application on their smartphones, resulting in reduced deployment costs.”

Machfu Industrial IoT Service is built on proven technology that collects, processes, and delivers reliable and accurate data from industrial systems and reduces the need for service or maintenance downtime. It allows for simultaneous communication between multiple devices and cloud-based systems and has a built-in protocol translation engine.

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About Machfu

Machfu’s solutions are designed to address edge computing needs for critical infrastructure and industrial applications. Machfu provides secure edge to cloud connectivity for industrial controllers, SCADA systems, and other sensors in the field. Its unique low power edge intelligence capabilities, powered by a sandboxed, customizable application framework, greatly simplifies configuring, connecting, managing and processing data from sensors and controllers speaking legacy or modern protocols. Machfu increases visibility of critical infrastructure and reduces operational downtime and maintenance costs.

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