Machfu Industrial IoT Service Now Supports Extended-Range Connectivity

Extended-range Machfu IIoT Gateway

A Scalable, Distributed, Secure, and Robust Infrastructure Solution

ROCKVILLE, MD (February 24, 2021) – Industrial internet of things leader Machfu today announced that its signature Industrial IoT Service now provides customers with longer-range connectivity to the Machfu Gateway based on LoRa technology. The turnkey, fully-managed end-to-end service is flexible, fast to deploy, and cuts operating costs by 50 percent. Traditionally, collating sensor data from the field has been a significant challenge. Machfu Gateway overcomes these hurdles by using LoRa technology to capture data from many sensors in the field simultaneously over extended ranges, at affordable costs.  

“Machfu’s signature IIoT service collects actionable IoT intelligence wherever you need it and delivers easy-to-use cloud-based visualizations and analysis directly to you anytime, anywhere,” said Prakash Chakravarthi, CEO of Machfu. “It has a wide range of applications from monitoring methane emissions from landfills to tank level monitoring in oil and gas well pads to managing water use in large agricultural systems.”

The fully-managed service offering consists of hardware, software, and cloud components. The hardware, Machfu’s LoRa Gateway and LoRaWAN® MachIO, collect and process real-time high-frequency data from sensors located in inaccessible and harsh environments. An Android mobile app allows for easy provisioning of sensors in the field while the Machfu Cloud Service integrates with the company’s end-user monitoring and analysis platform as well as existing customer platforms.

“Our extended-range Machfu Industrial IoT Service is an industry first that gives our users better visibility and control over the data they need to improve performance, anticipate maintenance needs, and respond to changing conditions in real time,” said Jai Dialani, Director, Products at Machfu. “It does this while keeping user data safe and secure with best-in-class information security and privacy protections.”

Machfu’s solutions are designed to address edge computing needs for critical infrastructure and industrial applications. Machfu provides secure edge to cloud connectivity for industrial controllers, SCADA systems, and other sensors in the field. Its unique low power edge intelligence capabilities, powered by a sandboxed, customizable application framework, greatly simplifies configuring, connecting, managing and processing data from sensors and controllers speaking legacy or modern protocols. Machfu increases visibility of critical infrastructure and reduces operational downtime and maintenance costs.

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