Machfu Collaborates with Eaton to Yield New Edge Device Data, Advancing Electric Grid Reliability


January 7, 2020 – Machfu, an Industrial Internet of Things technology company, is working with power management company Eaton to unlock new data from sensors deployed on the electric grid. Machfu and Eaton will provide a secure and easily customizable application framework that processes and manages data at the network edge through next generation Eaton GridAdvisorTM sensor technology. 

Machfu is working with Eaton to pioneer and test new grid edge data analytics that will help utilities modernize the electric grid. Pilot programs underway at U.S. utilities are monitoring operational parameters, assessing grid performance, and providing new data-driven insights.

“Utilities need to modernize to keep pace with the energy transition,” said Dan Arden, product director, distribution automation at Eaton. “Through real-world testing, we’re demonstrating the power of new analytics used with existing utility infrastructure to improve grid resiliency.” 

Over the past six months, Eaton worked closely with Machfu to develop new applications that monitor and assess data coming from line sensors on the electric grid to capture new insights that can help enhance grid resiliency and security.

“Deployment of this platform lets enterprises easily access and analyze data from diverse sources,” said Chinmay Shete, Director of Engineering at Machfu. “Through Eaton’s solutions, we’re helping utilities create their own applications to adjust analytics for unique grid conditions.”

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