Machfu and Equipcast Partner to Help Oil & Gas Producers Lower Production Costs

Partnership delivers an elegant solution to a complex problem

ROCKVILLE, MD (July 27, 2020) – Industrial internet of things leader Machfu and innovative cloud-based upstream intelligence company Equipcast are partnering to simplify connecting entire oil pads and facilities to cloud-based controls and analytics, the companies announced today. The new solution allows oil and gas operators to dynamically automate and manage their oilfields in real time through one seamless system that optimizes production, saves money, and increases margins.

“Many previous projects have struggled and failed to deliver effective solutions for connecting oilfield pumps and controllers to cloud-based systems,” said Prakash Chakravarthi, CEO of Machfu. “These are complex systems due to the size of the well site and the presence of legacy technology on the production pad. Our edge technology combined with Equipcast’s AI-driven solution minimizes lost production, extends run-life of equipment and helps manage wells, reservoirs, and fields”

The Machfu Gateway in conjunction with Equipcast’s technology allow operators to bypass SCADA-based systems to connect controllers and sensors to a single dashboard. The Machfu low power IoT Gateway implements cutting-edge encryption algorithms to secure data from the edge and the cloud. By deploying the Machfu-Equipcast solution, operators get access to advanced analytics and data that make the promise of the digital oilfield a reality without a significant capital investment.

“Our joint solution to the problem of generating cash flow in a fluctuating commodity market is proven and available right now,” said Sergio Tuberquia, CEO of Equipcast. “Just like apps such as Uber or Lyft changed the way that people get around town, Machfu and Equipcast are changing the way that oil and gas well automation systems access and process data.”

Machfu’s IoT Solutions are designed to address edge computing needs for critical infrastructure and industrial applications. Machfu provides secure edge to cloud connectivity for industrial controllers, SCADA systems, and other sensors in the field. Its unique low power edge intelligence capabilities, powered by a sandboxed, customizable application framework, greatly simplifies configuring, connecting, managing and processing data from sensors and controllers speaking legacy or modern protocols. Machfu increases visibility of critical infrastructure and reduces operational downtime and maintenance costs.

Equipcast is a cloud-based upstream intelligence company providing Neural Network-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Equipcast’s holistic, web-based tool dynamically automates and manages customers’ oilfields in real-time by creating a subject matter expert system to save money, increase margins and share knowledge. Equipcast solutions implement self-learning operational models in the field and integrate data to minimize lost production by prioritizing high performance wells and system health. It develops interoperable dynamic oilfield models to extend equipment life, manage the wells, reservoir, and field.

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