Sensor connectivity for industrial IoT ecosystems made easy.

Machfu’s MachIO provides standards-based wireless data collection for industrial sensors. The battery-powered MachIO works with or without the Machfu IIoT Gateway to gather data from sensors with minimal system planning. Together, the MachIO and Machfu IIoT Gateway simplify the integration of sensor data with local equipment as well as existing back office and cloud infrastructure.

MachIO is now LoRaWAN®-enabled, is interoperable with existing public or private Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks and extends the capabilities of customers’ LoRaWAN® network for sensor monitoring in remote or harsh environments. Multiple use cases in verticals such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and water can be addressed using MachIO LoRa at the edge.

This means you can extend the life of your assets, predict failures, and improve your business process.

Key Capabilities

Ubiquitous Sensing

IIoT Ready

Bluetooth Long Range (BLE-LR) and LoRaWAN® Enabled

Battery Powered

Designed for Industrial Environments

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