Recently, cyberattacks have successfully targeted nuclear, energy, aviation, water, and critical manufacturing industries. The implications of cyberattacks on industrial infrastructure are wide-ranging and costly.

The MACHGateway is a solution that helps secure industrial assets with baked-in mechanisms that can be customized as needed.

  • Multi-zone firewall that can be precisely configured to allow the smallest set of data flows to meet functional requirements;
  • Secure bidirectional communication between remote SCADA backend and grid devices via a private virtual network;
  • Non-VPN approach using public static IP addressing on cellular interfaces coupled with the configuration of various NAT firewall rules;
  • Secure switch/router functionality to extend network access to only certain legacy devices
  • Physical ports enable/disable by configuration;
  • Device-specific protocol stacks allow contextual awareness even in pass-through modes of operation;
  • Network security model that can be applied differently for every application;
  • Role-based access controls; and,
  • Managed software – policy controlled signed/countersigned.

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