Machfu Named a 2019 Connected World IoT Innovation

Machfu Named a 2019 Connected World IoT Innovation

Machfu Named a 2019 Connected World IoT Innovation 150 150 machfu

ROCKVILLE, MD (May 29, 2019) – Machfu has been named a Connected World 2019 IoT Innovation, which represent the best of the best in the IoT for 2019. The publication’s review of the MACHGateway follows below. 

“Complexity has always been a barrier to scaling in the industrial space. The new gateway from Machfu simplifies this by offering a flexible platform that can be adapted for the future.” —Peggy Smedley

From Connected World:

Trillions of dollars in industrial assets have been deployed in the past several decades. In order to modernize operations, companies need scalable and secure IP connectivity, multiprotocol support and translation, and the ability to target customized applications and business logic to mesh both legacy and emerging devices into the modern IT paradigm.

To help, Machfu has built a gateway platform that has the hardware interfaces, device protocol libraries, cloud protocol libraries, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system connections to enable connecting any industrial device to any backend system easily. The flexible platform can be adapted for the future without the constant reinvestment needed for next generation of products and services.

The unique value of the product comes from the gateway OS (operating system) software that uses the Android user space to create a sandboxed application environment. This enables new applications to be easily deployed and services added during the life of the system. Since these systems are long lived, many changes occur in communication technologies, application protocols, security threats, and realizable business opportunities during the system’s lifecycle.

The edge gateway makes it easy to develop applications without having to worry about the plumbing underneath and brings a common data model, reducing the industrial IoT complexity.

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