Your Secure Gateway to a World of Insight

Think of Machfu as the smartphone for machines. Our IIoT technology is globally recognized for helping industrial enterprises communicate smarter and more securely while tapping into apps that run at the edge. Machfu easily and seamlessly connects valuable industrial assets to both legacy systems and cloud-based platforms, lowering your operating costs and creating new business applications. 

Machfu Gateway

Industrial IoT Gateway

An edge platform for Industrial Ecosystem

Machfu’s IIoT gateway connects industrial controllers and sensors to existing backend systems and the cloud. It translates industrial protocols to modern cloud-based applications without disrupting existing operations. Machfu allows industrial enterprises to enjoy the benefits of modern web services and security best practices so you can:

Make better decisions

Better anticipate problems

Use the latest apps to run previously impossible business analytics

Connect a mobile workforce to devices in the field

Manage and configure devices remotely

Increase data reliability and bandwidth efficiency using MQTT/SparkPlug B

MACHREACTORTM, the robust engine at the core of Machfu’s IIoT Gateway, now supports additional efficiency features of MQTT/SparkPlug B. With these capabilities, Machfu delivers a unified hardware and software solution removing the complexity of patching together solutions from disparate providers. Ideally suited for power-constrained environments, our customers save significant recurring costs through reduced bandwidth consumption by up to 95%.

Key features of Machfu’s MQTT/SparkPlug B-enabled gateway include:

  • Easy configuration, deployment, and management
  • Interface with any Modbus device
  • Transmit data to any MQTT broker
  • Redundant MQTT broker capability
  • Store and forward
  • Conditional reporting for greater control on publishing data
  • Data backfill for reliability
  • Reporting by exception

MQTT/SparkPlug B Datasheet


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