Innovative Machfu Internet of Things Gateway Poised to Facilitate Greater Productivity, Lower Costs for Oil & Gas Industry

Innovative Machfu Internet of Things Gateway Poised to Facilitate Greater Productivity, Lower Costs for Oil & Gas Industry

Innovative Machfu Internet of Things Gateway Poised to Facilitate Greater Productivity, Lower Costs for Oil & Gas Industry 150 150 machfu

GERMANTOWN, Md. — As both the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continue to grow, consumers and companies alike are seeing a wide range of benefits as a result of greater access to real-time data. While IIoT is not yet as fully integrated as IoT, companies across a variety of industries  — including the oil and gas industry — will see greater efficiency and increased productivity, as well as reduced costs, with full integration. To facilitate this transition and bring these benefits to fruition, Machfu has developed a gateway technology that will make it as easy for companies to develop and maintain applications and infrastructure in industrial settings as it currently is in the consumer-driven world of desktops, tablets and smartphones.

“This level of connectivity simply was not possible in the past, and it is a huge opportunity for oil and gas companies to collect data that can streamline their business, but they must be smart in implementing a solution that is affordable in the long run without over-delivering at an extra cost,” said John Geiger, vice president of business development, Machfu.

Extending the Cloud through Fog Computing

By utilizing decentralized computing infrastructure in which data, analysis capabilities, storage and applications are distributed to the edge of the network, with fog computing on edge gateways — such as the MACHGateway — reduces the demand on limited bandwidth resources while also providing additional capabilities.

Cloud platforms have the power to perform advanced analytics and machine learning tasks, but are typically limited by latency and the cost of obtaining high resolution data from remote sites. Fog computing essentially serves as a compliment to the cloud infrastructure, providing short-term analytics at individual edge sites, and enabling the cloud to perform more resource-intensive, longer-term analytics across the ensemble of sites. This, in turn, reduces costs and the amount of time necessary to act on data.

Reducing Costs for Oil & Gas Companies with Fog Computing

Without fog computing, data is typically stored on the cloud, but costs can add up quickly. Moving data to the cloud using cellular connectivity can cost $30 per month per monitored point, which can quickly add up for a large oil and gas company that has thousands of miles of pipelines, and tens of thousands of monitored points. With the MACHGateway, high resolution data is stored and processed at the edge, enabling key metrics and exception data to be pushed to the cloud when needed, reducing costs to as little as $1 per month per monitored point, and potentially saving tens of millions of dollars annually.

Specifically, Machfu’s Industrial IoT Gateway is an Open Source standards based platform that provides robust security and tools that simplify integrating remote assets with public and private cloud based IIoT solutions. The platform provides data collection, protocol conversion, a secure sandboxed application space and cloud connectivity enabling the rapid development of independent applications that securely coexist on a single gateway simplifying the development of industrial IoT solutions while simultaneously maintaining connectivity to existing automation solutions eliminating the need for forklift upgrades.


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Machfu simplifies the complex landscape of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by easily connecting data at the edge to IoT databases in the cloud for business analytics. Machfu grew out of a simple idea: that developing and maintaining applications in the industrial IoT world should be as easy as it is in the desktop world or the smartphone world. Machfu’s products bring edge to enterprise connectivity to existing industrial infrastructure that can be deployed and scaled quickly. To learn more about Machfu, visit

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