IIoT Application Development

Industrial Automation is about connecting equipment, machines and devices to different applications. Complexity in industrial applications is mainly at the edge. And yet most IoT platforms attempt to provide industrial applications by being cloud-centric.

Machfu’s Intelligent Gateway

Machfu’s intelligent gateway tackles the complexity of device types, protocols, security frameworks, and communication methods right at the edge and provides the application as a service via platforms such as AWS, Ignition, Azure, or Google. You can then connect these platforms to your dashboard for real-time monitoring of your equipment and processes, delivering information about performance.

Microsoft Azure

Your applications are fully managed, and you focus on your value.

In addition, Mach IoT solutions come with a management platform that scales so that your mission-critical deployments will operate stably, regardless of the size of your deployment. The management platform includes device management, connectivity management or application enablement/management. All in one, easy-to-use system.

Directly send your IoT data into any software application, so your custom apps and analytical tools like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure can actually do what you want them to do

Rapid development and device management

Dashboards to manage your connectivity in one place

Optimize your cellular IoT plans across multiple tier-one carrier networks to keep data flowing while keeping costs low

Manage who is able to access which resource with role-based permissions for all your different user types

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