Start building an Industrial App with Machfu SDK

Simple enough for a domain expert and advanced enough for an adept programmer.

What is Machfu SDK?

Machfu Software Development Kit is a set of tools comprising Plugins and Libraries that enable programmers in the industrial space to develop new and innovative android apps suitable to run on the Machfu Gateway. It extends the Android SDK and promotes rapid creation of applications in connecting legacy industrial devices to newer IIoT based infrastructure. Building upon the SDK eases the process of creating, deploying and maintaining sandboxed solutions.


Our Android Libraries are designed with highly optimized code to achieve maximum performance with minimal overhead.


Enables apps to communicate with devices in a protocol agnostic and data driven fashion.

Unified Protocol Interface

Enables apps to communicate over a common interface with multiple protocols.

React to events

Promotes event-driven architecture for handling device notifications.

Cloud connectivity

Provides means to communicate with various IoT providers such as Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT Core and AWS IoT.

Event logging

Promotes edge analytics by enabling in-app databases that store time-series data.


Provides implementations for security best practices in addition to the base Android security layer.


Taking advantage of the IntelliJ Plugin infrastructure, a set of industrial plugins have been developed to create an Industrial Android Studio project. These enable interactive and dynamic workflows through GUI wizards, and generate template code allowing the developer to focus on the business logic. Machfu Plugins aid the application developer in the following tasks :

  • Create a light-weight industrial app with life-cycle management.
  • Configure and connect to devices that communicate over a variety of legacy and modern industrial protocols.
  • Create Data Models that fit with the business logic in defining data driven communication with devices.
  • Restrict apps to communicate only with authorized devices/servers through secure networks.
  • Prepare a completed application package for deployment on Machfu Platform.

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