Industrial App Development Platform

Machfu’s IoT platform provides software, hardware, security, connectivity and device management to handle large scale IoT Networks. Along with our gateway device, we provide the tools needed for OTA firmware updates, cloud connection, device management, and comms to manage multiple devices online.

Create and Own Your Industrial Applications

Machfu is an industrial IoT solution that provides an open platform and a development environment that is familiar to millions of developers worldwide. Machfu grew out of a simple idea that is developing and maintaining applications and infrastructure for industrial IoT that should be as easy as it is on a computer or smartphone. You can create your application using the Android Studio. Machfu provides the industrial plugins for the Android IDE that will enable you to create even complex applications in days or weeks.


What protocols does the SDK support for application development?

Machfu Software Development Kit currently supports Modbus, DNP3 and IEC 60870 protocols on the device side and MQTT, HTTP(s) and CoAP protocols on the cloud side. Additional protocols will be periodically added to the SDK. The SDK also supports sensors that have analog or digital interfaces such as current, voltage, temperature or pulse

What cloud platforms do you connect to?

Our application gateway is cloud provider-agnostic and can connect to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform or any private cloud networks. Machfu SDK also allows you to connect with industrial platforms such as Ignition.

Who develops the application?

The Machfu graphical SDK is designed to simplify application development and reduces application development time from 6 months to 6 weeks. Bulk of the code is auto generated and app developers only need to focus on writing their own business logic. If you don’t have the resources, Machfu also provides consulting services for your project by rapidly developing turn-key applications. You will be able to leverage 150+ years of engineering expertise for development of your customized application solutions. Please email us at or call us at 301-540-5372.

What does the Machfu SDK consist of?

Machfu Software Development Kit is a set of tools comprising Plugins and Libraries that enable programmers in the industrial space to develop new and innovative industrial apps that run on the Machfu Gateway. It extends the Android IDE and promotes rapid creation of applications in connecting legacy industrial devices and wireless sensors to newer IIoT based infrastructure. Building upon the SDK eases the process of creating, deploying and maintaining sandboxed solutions.

What are the Technologies we use for Industrial app development?

There are two ways industrial application development can be dome on the Machfu platform. The first is through an App called the ‘Reactor’. The Reactor is a rule driven configuration and polling engine for both legacy and modern sensors and controllers. Its easy to use and allows for rapid application development. More complex applications can be created through the Machfu SDK, which provides industrial extensions to the Android Studio familiar to millions of developers worldwide.

Industrial IoT Platform
Do you develop Industrial apps for Tablets, mobiles and other devices?

Industrial applications are different form consumer applications. Machfu’s application run on the Machfu Gateway in the field or in the cloud. Machfu provides sensor/controller provisioning and commissioning applications that run on Tables and Mobiles.

Industrial IoT Platform
Do you provide maintenance and support after developing an Industrial IOT App?

Yes. If the customer requests that Machfu develop an application for them we offer consulting services in support of that app development and maintenance and support post app development.

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“The SDK provided by Machfu is easy to use and lets one develop smart grid applications rapidly. Since the Android studio is used for application development it does not require deep embedded programming experience and most of the application is auto generated except for the core business logic”

– Dave Greenly, TAV Networks