The Platform for Grid Automation

The communications and control systems for electric distribution grid are facing increasing stress due to fundamental changes in grid technologies. Utilities are transitioning from a collection of disparate legacy communication systems to IP-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to be deployed in large scale.

Machfu simplifies this transition by easily connecting data at the edge to infrastructure in the cloud. Machfu grew from a simple idea that developing and maintaining IIoT applications and infrastructure should be simple so that the focus is on solving the business problem.

MACH-1 on NEMA Box

Flexible Connectivity

  • Integrated cellular 3G/LTE , GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE and 900MHz ISM
  • Integrated antennas simplify collocating wireless technologies and remove need for multiple antennas and cabling
  • Supports private and cellular connectivity
  • Provides solution for connecting assets and field worker to the enterprise

Robust Security

  • PKI enabled secure infrastructure solution ensures integrity and trust
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant platform enables compliance with IT and corporate policies


  • Secure Automated provisioning
  • Industrial IoT protocol connectivity: CoAP, MQTT and DDS
  • Rich set of traditional networking features simplifies integration with existing WAN networks and IT policies
  • Advanced diagnostic, OTA software updates, applications life cycle management and activity reporting


  • Simplifies the integration of SCADA protocols devices with web-based industrial IoT applications
  • Simultaneously supports existing SCADA and new web-Based services applications
  • Enables rapid development of new applications with enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and analytics to drive efficiency and cost savings