Green Energy Corp and Machfu Announce an Integrated Platform for OpenFMB™ Interoperability

Green Energy Corp and Machfu Announce an Integrated Platform for OpenFMB™ Interoperability

Green Energy Corp and Machfu Announce an Integrated Platform for OpenFMB™ Interoperability 150 150 machfu

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GERMANTOWN, Md., November 8, 2016 – Machfu and Green Energy Corp’s GreenBus® today announced an integrated platform for OpenFMBTM interoperability, which the companies are demonstrating at the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s (SGIP) Grid Modernization Summit.

OpenFMBTM uses distributed intelligent and real-time peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging between fielded devices to create highly scalable systems at the smart grid edge. Legacy grid devices publish data using OpenFMBTM adaptors to transform proprietary device data to (IP) networking and Internet of Things (IoT) messaging protocols. Machfu is demonstrating the ability to rapidly build a library of adaptors from the OpenFMBTM Github open source repository that work out of the box with the Green Energy Micro-Grid Platform.

“I am excited to release this integrated platform at the Grid Modernization Summit, where so many organizations are coming together to discuss the possibilities of the smart energy grid,” said Machfu’s Vice President of Business Development, John Geiger. “Together Machfu’s MACH-2 Gateway and the Green Energy Corp’s GreenBus® platform create an immense opportunity for energy companies to use data to guide business decisions in ways that were previously cost or logistically-prohibitive.”

Machfu’s gateway uses a sandboxed application space to securely provide a library of OpenFMBTM adaptors supporting multiple manufactures and device types simplifying grid connectivity. Working together as part of the broader Industrial IoT ecosystem, Green Energy and Machfu are using P2P architectures and open standards to create self-organizing highly reliable industrial IoT solutions.

“We are dedicated to providing a truly open, inclusive, and scalable solution for interoperability as the industry transforms to a more distributed architecture,” said John Camilleri, chief technology officer of Green Energy Corp. The GreenBus and MACH-2 products provide a solid foundation to meet our objectives.”

Green Energy Corp and Machfu will be demonstrating their products at the SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit held November 7-10 in Washington, D.C.



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Machfu simplifies the complex landscape of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by easily connecting data at the edge to IoT databases in the cloud for business analytics. Machfu grew out of a simple idea: that developing and maintaining applications in the industrial IoT world should be as easy as it is in the desktop world or the smartphone world. Machfu’s products bring edge to enterprise connectivity to existing industrial infrastructure that can be deployed and scaled quickly. To learn more about Machfu, visit

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About Green Energy

Green Energy Corp (GEC) is a leader and pioneer in design and software engineering services for distributed energy generation, load management, and innovative microgrid controller solutions. GEC provides extensive engineering support and development toolkits to promote the implementation of smart grid and microgrid technologies throughout the world.  GEC is a prime implementer of OpenFMBTM.

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