Machfu IIoT Gateway Utilities & Energy Solutions

Machfu IIoT Gateway Utilities

Simplifying and automating edge-to-HMI data communications for Distribution Systems Automation

Machfu provides innovative and flexible solutions for today’s energy challenges. They are easy to use, integrate with existing utility backend systems, and improve operational efficiency using cloud and mobile technologies.

Utilities and energy operations generate an ever increasing volume of data in the field. Machfu’s unique low-power industrial IoT Gateway is a completely integrated solution for edge-to-HMI automation that saves you time and money. The Machfu Gateway easily integrates with controllers speaking industrial protocols such as DNP3 and Modbus and translates collected data to enable remote operations from SCADA masters or cloud-based monitoring systems.

Machfu collects, processes and transmits data from the field to enable remote services for operation and maintenance. Our proven Industrial IoT Solutions remotely monitor distribution equipment such as reclosers, feeder switches, capacitor banks, fault circuit indicators, voltage regulators, and line sensors.


  • Secure embedded application framework enables automation by running multiple apps on a single platform
  • Simultaneously supports communications between multiple industrial devices and cloud-based head-end systems
  • Multi-dimensional security features for connectivity, users, devices & applications
  • Built-in protocol translation engine simplifies exchange of data
  • Supports various connectivity options including Cellular, Wifi and BLE
  • Fleet management of applications, firmware updates, security patches and template configurations

Machfu’s Utilities & Energy Solutions

  • Communicate easily between line sensors and head-end systems
  • Acquire data from renewable power plants, microgrids, energy storage systems, and substations
  • Increase productivity, improve energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs through comprehensive cloud- based remote operation and monitoring
  • Monitor, control, and interface with energy generators, distribution feeders, DERs, smart inverters, and reclosers
  • Best practices of modern security from physical layer to role-based access controls

Take charge of distribution automation, distributed energy resources, and field-level automation towards a secure, reliable, resilient, and digital grid.

  • Automate, manage, and control distributed generation, microgrids, and energy storage
  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize the performance of your distributed energy assets from anywhere, anytime with cloud-enabled solutions
  • Operate microgrids at the high levels of capacity, flexibility, reliability, and operational security while extending plant life cycle
  • From data collection to edge computing and analysis to wireless backhaul, Machfu’s solutions facilitate the immediate and evolving requirements of the smart grid

Machfu provides a range of options for cost-effective, fully integrated turnkey solutions. Leverage our 150+ years of proven experience to drive innovation and deliver connected products and enterprise-level solutions that serve as the foundation for smarter operation, increased safety, and optimized production.

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