Industrial IoT in the Age of Coronavirus

Industrial workplaces are complex spaces filled with equipment and machinery where safety is paramount. Moving parts, extreme temperatures, and contents under pressure require close monitoring and regulation to ensure safe operations. The introduction of a highly contagious virus means that employees in these workplaces need to take extra precautions to stay safe. 

The difficult times brought on by COVID-19 highlight the benefits of automation and web services. For customers that must maintain continuous operations to ensure optimum functioning and maintenance of their equipment, Machfu’s low-cost digitization, automation, and edge-intelligence solutions preserve continuity and value. In addition, Machfu enhances employee safety by eliminating the need for field visits through remote, cloud-based monitoring.

As industrial enterprises adapt to new operational realities created by the COVID-19 public health emergency, they can use Machfu’s Industrial Internet-of-Things services for secure and remote monitoring of equipment and processes. Our vision is to deliver a flexible way to provide services that solve specific problems in the industrial environment. 
To learn more about how Machfu can automate many tasks cost-effectively and give you flexibility about how to deploy your workforce in the field, please email us at Machfu is committed to our customers, partners and employees.

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