How necessary is Industrial IoT Application for your business?

Since the era of Industrialization, the industrial sector has been constantly expanding with opportunity and growth. With technology increasingly playing the roles, people once did, industries today focus on more output in less time. This is where Industrial IoT Applications come in. If you are looking to automate industrial operations using sensors or controllers, then Internet-of-Things and cloud-based systems are definitely the best way to approach this. 

Think of IoT as the smartphone for your machines. The IoT application helps you communicate smartly and securely with your network of machines, seamlessly connecting both legacy systems and cloud-based platforms; thus, lowering the overall cost of the whole process. Automation can be done in many ways – from solving specific operational use cases to providing the ability to expand and further scale in the future. 

More often than not, businesses make the simple mistake of solving the immediate problem and don’t think about emerging use cases in the future. It’s when the additional needs and use cases crop up, that’s when you realize that the purpose built systems for immediate problems don’t expand easily. Thus, going back to square one of implementing a new system. Which again consumes time and resources to implement. And the best way to avoid all of this is through IoT and modern web services.

A truly automated system is one that not only solves your immediate problems but also looks after potential future ones. This leads to considerable cost savings in middleware and integration spent in automation projects.

Additionally, IoT automates the whole system and helps you remotely access it and configure it according to your needs. This saves a lot of time in field visits and device management. For example, imagine one of your machines is having a problem starting up. Obviously, you would have to make a field visit and check it out yourself so that you reach the root of the problem and sort it out. But this process takes time and often, in these kinds of situations, time is equal to money. Now imagine if you could remotely control, diagnose and troubleshoot your machine at the same time. That would save you a lot of time and subsequently, money.

With IoT applications, you will be able to configure, diagnose, troubleshoot and monitor remotely all through one application. This makes industrial IoT applications a must-have tool in every industry. 

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