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Improve your Oil & Gas Asset Performance

Robust, Low Cost, and Quick Installation

Why Machfu?

Machfu’s low cost service lets you have complete visibility into your assets through our cloud based monitoring and control system, thus helping you reduce downtime. Furthermore, the service is affordable even for very low producing wells. You can increase production up to 10% and lower your operating costs up to 25%. The installation is quick and we come and do it for you. Machfu provides multiple measurement points at a cost less than that of your daily coffee. You can now maintain your assets in a smart way and help boost your well productivity. Not only that, Machfu can do predictive maintenance, reduce operational risks, and help curtail harmful emissions thereby increasing your overall field asset performance. Just call us for a free demo and let us walk you through our services and benefits.. Uncover the true potential of your assets with Machfu today!

Increase in asset performance
More revenue
Lesser cost of operations
Predictive maintenance for lower downtime
Highly secure automation

How Machfu Works?

Hear From Our Customers

‘Machfu’s remote monitoring system has provided us with instant live visibility into all of our production operations. What was manual before Machfu technology, we now clear data to help us make smarter decisions faster. The speed at which we can now act, positively impacts our operating costs and bottom line. The value benefits that impact us the most from this are: Instant and accurate understanding of production and water volumes for wells and for fields, instant alarms for when wells are down and or production can be sold (water trucked), less windshield time (HSSE) for our pumper on custodial tank gauging and more use of his expertise on problem resolution. The future of the system to apply AI for other issues and automated reporting to the State and investors create more value and reduced time waste. We like the system and have made the company decision to commit to expanding this technology onto all of our Operated and Non-Operated partner wells going forward”.
Scott Hoskins
Chief Technology Officer
Resurrection Energy
"Machfu's product expands our capabilities tremendously compared to the earlier system we had for machine health monitoring. We will be deploying these globally and appreciate Machfu's technology and rapid customer service."
Naveen George
Product Automation

Use Cases

Use Case
  • Reduced trips to well site for routine and unplanned maintenance. Better and efficient asset monitoring.
  • Predictive maintenance (vs break fix) on all machines with real time data.
  • Immediate detection of spills, over pressure events, etc.
  • Optimized chemical usage.
  • Well optimization for power and fuel consumption. Improved Estimated Ultimate Recovery.
  • Overall savings on maintenance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Better asset utilization and reduced downtime.
  • Vibration and temperature monitoring on pumps, compressors and other equipment.
  • Monitoring of circuit breakers in the oil rigs.
  • Rod pump control.
  • Production facility monitoring at tank levels.

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