Advisory Board

Greg Toth

Greg is the founder of IoT Dev Labs Inc., and Founder and Organizer of Internet-of-Things DC. He is an expert in Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, firmware, software, communications, cloud computing, data analytics, enterprise integration. He determines how to make emerging technologies work in high-stakes environments. Whether it is market/technology/process fit, product architecture, embedded firmware, distributed systems, distributed databases his focus is on harnessing these technologies and guiding the team on how to apply them in an agile organization.

Norman A. Snyder III

Norman serves as the lead partner in Aronson’s Technology Industry Services Group. Throughout his career, Norm has enjoyed solving complex problems to help his clients. Norm enjoys working with technology entrepreneurs who are bright and passionate, but often face complex financial issues. As an analytic and creative thinker, Norm uses his in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape to help them solve these issues through practical solutions and sound business advice.